Tie My Tubes: A Radio Documentary Series

Brie Ripley wants her tubes tied, and she's tired of doctors telling her she'll "change her mind."
This series explores voluntary sterilization as a key part of reproductive health care.
Alongside her story, we'll hear from other women who have tried to get sterilized,
as well as doctors, historians and lawyers, to tell the story of sterilization.

Episode one of Tie My Tubes: A Radio Documentary series

Brie Ripley is a conceptual producer who has been struggling to obtain a simple procedure she has wanted since she was a teenager. But doctors have repeatedly refused, concerned she'll regret the decision later in life. In episode one of Tie My Tubes, Ripley takes us in and out of her experience attempting to get a doctor to agree to give her a sterilization procedure. Along the way, she introduces us to mothers, doctors, teachers, and a male gatekeeper to begin telling the story of sterilization.

Directed by Brie Ripley. Produced by Brie Ripley and Eleanor Cummins. Edited by Jeannie Yandel. Original score mixed and composed by Monika Khot with Will Smith on cello. Additional thanks to KUOW Public Radio and the University of Washington Communication Department.

This project was made possible with funding from the Pat Cranston Creativity Endowment Scholarship.

Image art by Janelle Retka.
Press photos by Adrien Leavitt.


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Tell us your story! We are looking for more voices to tell the full story of sterilization. We want to hear from people who want to be sterilized, as well as doctors, lawyers, academics and activists. If you have a unique angle on sterilization, we want to hear it.

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