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“Tie My Tubes,” airing October 2016, is a serialized radio documentary exploring discriminatory health care practices around voluntary sterilization. The documentary follows twenty-two-year-old Seattle native Brie Ripley as she attempts to navigate push-back from the medical system and get her tubes tied. 

After having her Nexplanon (hormonal implant) removed several years early due to health concerns, Ripley launched the doc and began interviews in January 2016. “Tie My Tubes” will educate listeners about the history of sterilization, sterilization options, and why access to permanent, irreversible birth control is a crucial part of reproductive rights. The documentary is the first to explore voluntary sterilization. But that's not all. This documentary will also explore the history of sterilization, from its roots in eugenics, to its continued, present-day coercive use to curb the reproductive freedom of women, especially incarcerated women and those marginalized by race and class.

That's why we need YOUR HELP. We need to hear from women who want to be sterilized, women who were pressured into sterilization, women who couldn't get the sterilization they needed. We need to hear from providers, for and against voluntary sterilization. We need to hear from lawyers specializing in healthcare and civil rights.

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