Endorsed by The Seattle Times as one of three podcasts with distinct and original voices.
“'I had a unique ability, I could bring the listener with me to the hospital bed,'” Ripley said.
'I feel like voices are the most powerful thing we have, that is what we have to serve us.'"

Feminist Current

Meghan Murphy interviews Jocelyn and Brie for Canada's most popular feminist website and associated podcast, "Feminist Current."

Woman Centered

Natasha Marin interviews Jocelyn and Brie for her amazing series Woman Centered, an ongoing conversation about women's liberation on Medium. We here at TMT take a lot of inspiration from Natasha Marin, and you'll find essential stories about reproductive justice in her series.

KPLU's Sound Effect

Senior Producer and documentary subject Brie Ripley was interviewed for KPLU's "Sound Effect." The theme for this episode was "No Regrets" and yeah, that about sums it up.

Society of Professional Journalists - UW Chapter

Chetanya Robinson interviews Brie about the documentary. Brie also offers advice for cub reporters.

UW Communications

Brie Ripley won the Pat Cranston Endowed Student Creativity Award for her work as a journalism student. Here she meets the namesake of the grant, and explains how the grant money will power Tie My Tubes.